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Play games Without Graphics Card – 3D Analyzer

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Super Mod
Super Mod

This application sort of “tricks” your computer into thinking it has a nvidia and even a radeon card playing your games as if those video cards would play them.


1. Download: 3danalyzer-v236


2. Select the game EXE (for eg. For Age Of Empires 3 it is age3.exe)

3. Type the appropriate Vendor ID and Device ID in the box. (to the right of the red box in step 2 in the picture a little below the TommTi Logo) You can get the IDs of your desired cards in the info box, shown in the above image as step 2.

4. Select any features you want in the DirectX8.0 and 9.0 section (Above the Graphic Card ID List)

5. Select Run and Enjoy!!!! Demo Video Here is a video I made to help you new to this. I’ve also shown a game played through it so you know it is not fake.

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